Oct 29, 2008

New England round-up

Study in Grey by Jeffrey Bonasia (more on him coming soon!)

I'm thrilled that my friend Amy Fox will be regularly contributing to the blog as a fashion correspondent! She's an L.A.-based fashion stylist who has dressed Beck, styled Nike advertisements, compiled O.P. look books and is currently working as a consultant for Levi's. She's also got a great eye for design and a knack in the kitchen. I emailed her the other day and asked some fashion advice for traveling to Tokyo, and I was like, "Man I wish you'd do this for the blog...". Amy's currently vacationing with her husband Norris on Nantucket, so her first post is a New England round-up which I've added to. Here it is, the straight dope:

Murray's Toggery Shop has been on Nantucket's Main Street since 1945, where they carry a wide selection of Barbour (but not through their website), Barbour Bedale jacket ($345). The original Nantucket Reds, a salmon colored chino, that after many washings, fades into a beautiful sunset pink color are a Nantucket staple. I love this pairing with a black velvet blazer (runway pic from Etro)! Nantucket reds ($59-$70). No New Englander is complete without their Steele canvas tote ($45) or a sailor rope bracelet ($6).

Bostonian pipe made from Briarwood ($56); Opinel bread knife ($80), from Nantucket's French General Store.

No honest seafood connoisseur would be without a Connecticut Clam Ram ($24); the best candles in the universe ($24 for 12). Why are they the best? They are made by a company that's been in business since 1643--and if you can stay in business selling candles for over 350 years, you must be doing something right. No drips nor smoke and the bottom end of the candle is tapered slightly so it fits in different size candle holders.

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