Oct 23, 2008

Old Plank Road

Once you get about a half-hour outside of Chicago to the west or north there's some pretty good antiquing spots. I think I was still in high school when I would drive around strange places in the far northern suburbs looking for antique lighters that I would try to fix and monogram. My bedroom had all these bottles of butane, flint, wicks and, well, it really weirded my parents out. I was just starting to get the urge to go back up there when I heard about Old Plank in Westmont, IL. which has made its name by restoring and selling antique furniture and accessories from France and England. They have something I've been looking to find for a while: a vintage French demijohn with its label in tact circa the 1930's ($195). It would make a nice little Saturday trip for a Chicagoan that wants to flee the city for a few hours, and you can probably pick up some pumpkins and cider out there too. 331 E. Ogden Avenue, Westmont IL.

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