Oct 21, 2008

Simon Pearce spoon rest

Maybe once or twice a week when we're cooking dinner at home Matt will suggest we get something to rest our mixing spoons on while what's cooking is still cooking. In other words: tomato sauce touching spoon + spoon touching counter top = tomato sauce touching counter top = something that scrambles Matt's inner circuits. Recently I was giving suggestions for a friend who is registering for her upcoming wedding and saw this lovely handmade Brookfield spoon rest ($28) from the Simon Pearce Pantry Collection (which totally rules, BTW). For all of you that are like, "Pishhhh!! I'm not buying something for my spoon to lay its head on during intermission," don't worry, it can also be used as a wine coaster, small side plate or pillar candle base.


The Pontilists said...

Hi Lizzie,

Thanks for your post! I work for Simon Pearce and have the benefit of testing out new products before they're released. Luckily, the spoon rest was one of those items. It is a great piece that has become an essential in my kitchen, and it's really easy to clean (which is a must at my house).

Thanks again for sharing.

The Pontilists

Amanda said...

I have to say, I love my spoon rest. Spoon rests rule.

I also like the image of Matt's inner circuits scrambling. I'm picturing him watching you place said spoon directly on said countertop while smoke comes out his ears or something...