Nov 3, 2008

Globe-Trotter luggage

While I've been putting together a DESIGNwatcher traveler's guide, I realized that Globe-Trotter Ltd., the British hand-made luxury luggage line, needed its own post. Globe-Trotter has been around since 1897 and has barely changed its original design (although I more than approve of the addition of wheels!). Today the brand is witnessing something of a revival as it has designed limited editions for J. Crew and Vivre. Of course if I had suitcases full of money I would use them to buy a bespoke suitcase (to better carry the money with, obviously) which are available to order at Burlington Arcade store in London.

If that wasn't enough, (see I told you it needed its own post) Globe-Trotter commemorated their 110th anniversary this year by issuing the first-ever "next generation" travel bag, a fiber/Kevlar-weave travel bag that they are calling "stronger than steel, lighter than air, black like coal, and as innovative as tomorrow." Globe-Trotter called on Ross Lovegrove to design the iconic case hoping he would encapsulate the core values of Globe-Trotter's 110 years of luggage-making, while maintaining an aesthetic that would stand the test of time and become a collectible modern classic. The 110 Air Cabin case ($3,525) is available at Moss, Vulcanize in Tokyo and Selfridges Superbrands in London.

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