Dec 16, 2008

Organic cotton faux fur throw

My parents have a faux fur throw on one of their sofas and whenever we bring Harrison up there on a weekend or holiday she does a b-line for it and then balls herself up on it like a hen. She literally wants nothing to do with anything but her faux fur lover. I have to admit, they're pretty cozy blankets. I was looking around the interweb to see if maybe this is something we could give Harrison for x-mas (she unsuccessfully tried to raid her stocking last night and ended up barfing on her bed in disappointment this morning, THANKS). I'm liking this 100% organic cotton vegan faux fur throw ($220) designed by NYC-based Jenny Hwa, also the designer of Loyale clothing, it's environmentally-friendly and looks really cozy. We'll see Hare.

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