Jan 20, 2009

Moss tablecloth

Sorry about going AWOL from the blog without a trace. I snuck out of town to L.A. to attend a surprise birthday party and ended up coming home late due to a full 24 hrs of food poisoning. There is nothing more tortuous than looking outside at 80 degree sunny weather and not being able to pry yourself out of bed. Anyway, I'm back to work. To start the week is a fun event idea that came from my friend Anne in Boston. She saw this moss tablecloth at a Deb party in Charleston and sent it along. I think it's a great way to add some texture and earthiness—perfect for a place card table or something that doesn't need to be entirely flat. Thanks Anne!

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Paula K said...

I used something like this at my wedding for the cake table. Because I used a family cake recipe (red velvet which wasn't so 'everywhere' at the time) I had to have cakes inistead of just one big cake. I worked it so there was one cake for each table (all the better to be able to slice off your own giant piece or get seconds without looking like a pig). I used a different cake topper on each cake too which was fun - I had my parent's, a Day of the Dead one, and a bunch of other vintage ones. Anyway we used a mossy carpet to cover the table and then put the cakes on stands - it looked really nice.