Jan 12, 2009

NYT weekend

This winter is shaping up to be more brutal than last year's. If it keeps up this whole snowing EVERY SINGLE DAY and being BONE COLD, I'm going to lose it (as if I haven't already). Besides a fab dinner party, this weekend Matt and I mostly stayed in. The New York Times saved me; I kept busy by reading through the Modern Love archives, browsed T Magazine and the wedding announcements, and got about 70% done with the Sunday crossword, oh and this was my favorite: a sideshow of Allen B. Schwartz's 1979 bachelor pad makeover. To show my NYT love here are two awesome t-shirts (that come in men's sizes as well) from the company Sophomore ($60 each, yes I know, $60 for a t-shirt, but I'd be lying if I wasn't thinking about it). Click here to buy online or check your local store.


thefoodinista said...

With the exception of the bedroom, am I crazy for liking the 1979 version better?

Lizzie said...

Totally. I am amazed how blah they managed to make his apartment. That neon strip behind the stadium seating is so dope.

Amanda said...

70%?! Pretty impressive!!