Jan 9, 2009

Zap Props

Woah. I was just incredibly overstimulated by the most awesomely-bizarre antique warehouse I've ever seen. Tate of the Gr8 blog Strange Closets picked me up this afternoon with the idea of heading south to Zap Props, a rental and buying warehouse of props from the 1920s-1970s. It was crazy and I'm still trying to digest everything I saw today. Mostly these items are used by set designers for movies, theater and commercials; it was like looking at the prop closet for all three Back To The Future movies. Most of it was dusty, some of it too creepy to take photos of—like IVs and stretchers from the 50s and scary clowns. I'm just going to dump the photos right here, if you're a serious about antiques, it's definitely worth checking it out. They literally have everything you can think of. Call to make an appointment: Zap Props: 3611 S. Loomis, Chicago. 773-376-2278.

The entrance.

Old hilarious pharmacy sign.

Love that Whisky dispenser.

Oh hello.

My favorite pic.

Old mic.

T8 taking some snaps.

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T8 said...

Thanks Lizzie. Visiting the shop with you kept me sane! Sensory overload avoided (barely). I'll post a follow-up with more pics next week.