Feb 23, 2009

Emerald greens, diakon sprouts, etc.

I was going to give my brief two cents on the Oscars with that amazing crystal curtain, the idea of studs vs. no studs on a tuxedo shirt, and Angelina Jolie's stunning emerald earrings that stole the show, but I'd rather direct you to The Foodinista for Oscar commentary, she's written a great post about the role the color emerald green has played at the Oscars over the years. Check it out!

I'm in L.A./O.C. this week. The bad news is it's raining, the good news is anything is better than Chicago weather. I've been craving a seared Tuna Burger with sliced avocado, pickled red onions, daikon sprouts and spicy yuzu mayo from M Cafe on Melrose for about a month now. So that's my game plan today. Yum yum. I'll be doing my best to blog from SoCal this week and will be out and about checking stuff out, so stay tuned.

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