Feb 11, 2009

Fisher Space Pen

Is it me or is the Space Pen back? Matt asked for one for Christmas this year and I think he talks about it every day—still. He claims his love for the space pen is on three levels. First, it's sleek and has a really good weight to it. Second, it's the perfect pen to travel with because it's small and reliable. And lastly and most importantly, it writes upside down, under water, on wet paper and without gravity! I can't say he's crazy on this one, it's a pretty perfect pen. You can get it at The OK store in L.A. ($23) as well as Canoe ($20) in Portland, OR.


Amanda said...

You know I love it! Space Pens rule!

Karen said...

You know, the last thing that I would be thinking of if I was underwater and upside down is "Wow, what a great pen!" It'd be more like, why am I thinking about a pen when I need to get away from this shark! --Karen