Feb 26, 2009

Mexican Coke

After reading The Foodinista's post about L.A.'s newly opened Unami Burger on La Brea, I went with two friends to check it out last night for dinner. Everyone was charmed by the food, the burgers were memorable and the fries were dynamite. Since one of my friends is pregnant (and because Unami doesn't have a liquor license), we toasted with Mexican Coke in glass bottles--and I wouldn't have had it any other way--plus I had already had my fill of sparkling wine at lunch with The Foodinista herself on the roof of Barneys in Beverly Hills. Mexican Coke is made with natural cane sugar unlike U.S. Coke which is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. Coca-Cola claims there is no way to taste the difference, but many beg to differ. Drinking Coke isn't something I do regularly enough to know but some say Mexican Coke has "a clean sweetness and light mouthfeel to them, while those made with corn syrup have heavy mouthfeel and a cloying sweetness." I just like drinking coke out of glass bottles with friends over a gourmet burger. After some light Googling I noticed that Mexican Coke is being sold at some Costcos for $0.75 a bottle. Great idea Costco.


thefoodinista said...

great post! i totally craved mexican coke while i was pregnant. they also serve it at hungry cat.

Anonymous said...

ditto. well, not the craving while pregnant part (not there yet), but great post. i just smuggled a couple of these back from Mexico but now that i know they are at costco it's a lot of time and money saved.

Amanda said...

Josh loooves Mexican coke. Thankfully, they sell it 2 for a buck down the street at Danny's Supermercado! And, given my stance on HFCS, I'm all for it!