Feb 4, 2009

Office stools

Matt and I have a make-shift partners desk in our office (two parsons desks pushed together). It is a great way to utilize the space and not kill each other by sharing desk space. The only problem is when he'll say, "will you read this on my computer?" or I'll say "will you come over and do this xyz thing on my computer with me?". We usually smile and say, "sure sweetie!" but then give a piercing death stare. Why? Wheeling our vintage Steel Case chairs around to the other side and over Harrison's shag office bed is more cumbersome than kneeling for hours. We've finally decided we need to get an office stool, badly.

Stools we like are (clockwise from top right): Yanagi Butterfly stool ($647); Risom Stool ($295); Cork stool (not shown-$385); Ny Ottoman ($200); Capelli stool ($529).

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