Mar 3, 2009

Priscilla Woolworth house tour

Last Friday I stopped by one of my favorite places in L.A., the home of Priscilla Woolworth. She lives and operates her newly launched eco-friendly general store out of her lush 1920s Spanish compound in The Valley. Over the years she's owned it, Priscilla has added on rooms, re-done garden sheds and back houses to create one of the best live/work properties I've ever seen. First, we'll check out some of the living space, then we'll look into her works spaces.

Priscilla's lunch and dinner invites are a highly coveted commodity among friends and family. She seamlessly fuses her childhood spent in France and her love of organic California cooking in the kitchen. Yum, yum!

The tablescapes at casa Woolworth are always subtle and purposeful.

Birdcage as wall sculpture. I love the use of negative space here.

The avocado green kitchen built-ins were in place when Priscilla moved in, but she couldn't imagine re-doing her kitchen any differently.

Art at Priscilla's has no hierarchy. Work by Jamie Wyeth hangs indiscriminately among modern prints picked up in downtown L.A.

The Priscilla Woolworth store mascot, bad bad LeRoy Brown.

Priscilla's work spaces are full of inspiration boards and bold color. She rigorously tests her products to make sure they're not just packaged well, but also that they are actually green and that they work better than anything else on the market. The Woolworth retail brand has stepped into the 21st century!

Priscilla showing off a new pin board made from recycled magazine pages in her office.

One of the stock rooms, with variations on her signature Golden Rules painting ($120) on wood.

A French all-purpose cleaner being considered for the store.

Priscilla showing off a wasp catcher from her stock room. Just add sugar water to it and place it around your dining table for a peaceful and non-toxic al fresco meal.

Check out Priscilla Woolworth's online store often as it is growing and new products are added frequently. I can't emphasize enough how well her products work and how intensive the testing phase is. Good stuff all around.

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