Mar 4, 2009

Table Art

Matt and I were thinking about registering at Barneys for china but after visiting Table Art on Melrose last week, I think we'll probably leave Barneys out of the picture, especially since the service at Barneys was a little spotty (granted that was at the Chicago store and they are in the middle of moving locations, but still). Table Art on the other hand, is a small independently owned business where the people really know their stuff and they really care about you. Their sole focus is tabletop, so again, they really know what their talking about and give great advice.

I'm loving these Belgian monogrammed linen napkin rings ($25).

Their flatware collection is massive and well-rounded. I love the Laguiole steak knives in ivory ($250 for a set of four).

And a few more shots of their extensive Mud Australia dinnerware collection below for good measure.

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