May 6, 2009

Tipiliuke Lodge

Matt and I are in the early stages of planning our honeymoon. What we're aiming for is to split it up between Buenos Aires and The Patagonia Region of Argentina, where we're hoping to catch the beginning of their fly-fishing season. A little city, a little country—kinda like me and the Mister. We've found a great lodge in The Patagonia called Tipiliuke that looks ideal for hanging out post-river trip. I'm especially loving that chandelier over the bar that stores wine glasses.


Jasmin said...

You should check out the Llao Llao in Bariloche- a very romantic and scenic location.

Anonymous said...

Llao Llao is beautiful and it's worth a visit, but they appear to be very aware of their name recognition and legend.

During our stay, service was bad, tickets for a tour were sent to the wrong room (we missed the tour and no apologies were given), food took forever and it was nothing special, particularly compared to some great restaurants in Bariloche.

There is a great place maybe half an hour up the road from Llao Llao; it's an organic lavender farm and also a B&B. Very isolated and maybe a bit too tranquil so it is not for everybody but again worth a visit particularly at tea time to take in the wonderful scents and glorious views (pick a clear day; your will see Llao Llao in the distance). Nice homemade gifts to buy, wonderful essential oils. Call first before visiting. Here's the link: