Jun 26, 2009

Blue Notes

I don't know if it's me or what, but lately I can't walk out my front door without hearing someone talk about a sapphire engagement ring. And why not? They're chic, trad, and not the same 'ol same 'ol (not that I would trade the ring Matt picked out for me for any single thing in the world). Trend-setting style icon Princess Diana perhaps donned the most notable Sapphire engagement ring of all time—an 18-carat blue stone surrounded by 14 diamonds. Although some thought it was a bold move, diamond engagement rings have never been the tradition in England that they are in the States, in fact Princess Anne also had a sapphire. But, umm, even more cool, look at Di's double watch situation in the above photo! Rad.

1 comment:

Kate H said...

My hubby proposed without a ring in 2004 and so I got to design my own ring. Neither of us were fond of diamonds so I got a single round sapphire. I foolishly thought I was the only one!