Jun 2, 2009

Boston See Party

Ok, that title is lame, sorry—it's all I could muster before I head down to New York in a few hours. While we were here my brother and sister-in-law threw the most dreamy roof-top dinner party for us and it is to date the best night I've ever spent in Boston. The views of the skyline as the sun set were quite a sight (get it, see party?) But more impressive was they served perfectly-cooked whole lobsters that just basically fell out of their shells. Thanks to all who came out, and thanks Brett and Maryam for a killer engagement party.

Many people's favorite Boston building, The Hancock designed by I.M. Pei, completed in 1976.

True-to-form, as the night progressed, things got a little weird.

Bye Boston!

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Sara said...

Okay I just left a comment on your previous post 2 seconds before you posted this one! You are getting at my heart today - Boston is definitely up there in my favorite cities along with Portland and Providence. I'm living in Boston right now :)