Aug 7, 2009


Last night Matt and I hung out with our friends Amy and Norris Fox in their SICK downtown L.A. loft (I kicked myself 1000 times for forgetting my camera, but next time it's ON). We started the night with an apĂ©ritif of Lillet blanc on the rocks with a splash of Perrier and an orange slice served in vintage whiskey glasses. Liquid heaven. I had never had Lillet on its own before, probably since it's also so good mixed into a Bond-fan's favorite, The Vesper. Lillet on the rocks is delicious, but beware friends, Lillet packs a lot more alcohol then you'd think, a whopping 17% actually, and I can attest that I feel like I've lost 17% of my brain cells this morning—and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the several generous pours of sake we had afterwards at the Vietnamese hot spot Blossom. Ouch.

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