Aug 28, 2009

I say tomato, she says Shun U2 Ultimate utility knife

Last Saturday Matt and I attended an outrageous dinner party at The Foodinista's house. I brought some heirloom tomatoes and watermelon over to toss a quick and easy summer salad to go along with their killer grilled heritage pork chop with French feta salsa verde. I got into the dreamy kitchen (which is so genius because they designed it around their French grey Heath ceramics dinnerware) and asked if I could use a knife to slice the produce. First of all The Foodinista keeps her knives organized in two drawers, one for German, one for Japanese. Second of all, she doesn't fool around when it comes to the knife department. She promptly handed me the Shun U2 Ultimate Utility Knife and man does that thing slice through a tomato. Never slice without it.

photo of the tomato, watermelon salad via The Foodinista.

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