Sep 21, 2009

Danger Dogs

I am really freaking out about about these "Beware of Dog" pet portrait signs from Nepal, hand painted on metal. It's fair trade folk art, and you can commission your own pet for about $250 or browse the "ready-made" inventory at rates between $100 and $200. Get in your order in early October and you'll have your painting before the holidays. Danger Dogs are also available around L.A. at a bunch of places including New Stone Age and the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Check out Nepal Dog for all the information and for more images. I want all of them!

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Hi, Lizzie: Thanks for the compliments! The Danger Dogs are opening an exhibit on Thursday, October 22 from 7-midnight at the Ghetto Gloss Gallery at 6109 Melrose (at Seward St.). The show runs is up until October 29 and there are 193 Danger Dogs included. Hope to see you there.