Nov 21, 2009

Holiday card round-up

Anyone have any favorite holiday cards? I'm having a major identity crisis with holiday cards this year. Matt and I both LOVE the above 1967 Alexander Girard card ($15), but there's only one set left. :((( Help!

Annie Harwell Holiday Interior card ($19 for eight).

Felix Torres "Last Light" cards ($15 for ten).

Old School Stationers #1030 ($8 each).

Marikmekko Kanteleen Kutsu cards ($20 for ten).

Egg Press Dot Peace on Earth cards ($14 for eight).

Frank Lloyd Wright Greek Orthodox Church holiday cards ($19 for 20).

Chillycago Cards ($3 for five).

Auld Lang Syne cards ($4.50 each).

Christmas Pigs Kissing cards ($14 for six).

Cracking Christmas cards ($8.20 for six).

St. Nick card ($16 for eight).


Holly said...

ohh so many good ones! i gotta go with the ones by felix torres, marikmekko or the kissing pigs!

Anonymous said...

Love the kissing pigs!

Don't know if you'll be able to top last year's with photoshopped with a Rudolph nose though!

thefoodinista said...

went with a silly photo card w/ iomoi. cant wait to see what you choose - awesome selection. am surprised at how reasonable the marimekko cards are - gorgeous!