Dec 4, 2009

Orange CA. antique stores

My friend Alex reminded me the other day that there is a fantastic strip of antique stores in Orange, California, a sleepy little town in inland Orange County. I swung by the other day to check it out and scored a George Nelson-inspired platform bench from the early 60s for $120. I love this piece because it's so versatile—it can be a coffee table, and end-of-bed table or bench, a hallway bench, a dining bench, etc. The George Nelson platform benches, which were reinssued in 1994, retail for about $700. I like the worn look of mine, but I'll probably brush it with a little of Howard furniture oil and some light steel wool to spruce it up a little.

To get to the stip of antique stores on Glassell St. Google Map or GPS this address: 118 S Glassell Street, Orange, CA. 92666.

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