Dec 16, 2009

What Whould Paul Do?

How cool was Paul Newman!? The coolest. I love this photo of him because it's hard to tell if it was masterfully staged by an art director or if he was just caught en route to the airport waiting for a taxi. Either way, it's a great shot. I'm working on a travel-related story this week and I put this photo up on my wall to help direct me to coolness. When I see something I ask myself: Would Paul Newman pack this in his suitcase?


thefoodinista said...

I know the answer! J-fog's pants! Apparently he picked them up by mistake (they went to the same dry cleaners) and they were too, ahem, tall.

Thleen said...

LOVE it. Check out this 1978 situation from my alma mater. First, note the boots and jeans. Second, does that say "Coors Powered" on his sleeve? Oh yes it does.

Lizzie said...