Jan 20, 2010

>> the green gorilla!

I've recently made room for a new blog on my short list of daily blog reads: Introducing the new, the fantastic, the ever-so-cool, The Green Gorilla! The G.G., authored by my friend C.J., is part blog, part overall musical education I think. It's topical, it's old, it's weird, it's just good. So far C.J. had shared rare videos and recordings of Al Green, Rod Stewart, Steve Winwood, Queen and Herbie Hancock—to name some of just the better known artists. Let's just say, there's something indescribable that I want from a music blog, and The Green Gorilla's got it—so check it out now! Here's just a taste, and one of my favorite G.G. posts to date:

The Spencer Davis Group doing Georgia circa 1967.

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