Jan 18, 2010

>> LA gift ghow snaps

On Friday I went went to the LA Gift to do some good old-fashioned scouting. I came across some good stuff (most of which I'm saving for some magazine work), but check out a few of these snaps of things to come. Above is a nautical-inspired table tennis set by Alice Supply Co.

Yellow Owl Workshop badminton stamp set (cool!)

The Original Lil' Popper, a classic toy from the 1950s, is being brought back!

Cardboard Design's cardboard tee pee (!!!!)

Custom and vintage route signs from old trolleys and double-decker buses from the UK.

I drooled over this vintage Suzani fabric for a while, and should have grabbed it while I had the chance!


_Thleen said...

Very cool items, especially the badminton stamp set! I assume (hope) it will appear on the site for sale in the next few weeks?

Lizzie said...

Yeah, I'm not sure exactly when that item will go live, but I'll ask!

Lizzie said...

Yep, talked to Evan at Yellow Owl and they should be for sale in a few weeks!