Feb 26, 2010

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Deep inside The Brentwood Country Mart lies one of the coolest global shopping destinations in Los Angeles. The phrase "well-edited" doesn't really cut it here because the space is no bigger than a postage stamp. The Monocle Shop opened their only U.S. store in April as a pop-up shop, but since it was doing so well they decided to keep their doors open indefinitely. For those of you who aren't a Japanese tycoon, Portuguese socialite or Richard Branson, The Monocle is an online and print magazine (since 2007) that focuses on global affairs, business, culture and design—some have called it The Economist meets GQ. The magazine has two retail stores (the other in London) that sell branded items, special editions, works by contributing artists and generally cool man merch. The coolest thing for me though, was walking in and noticing that one of the associates is a fellow Panther. Thanks Erin!

The Monocle Shop
225 26th Street
Santa Monica, CA.

P.S. Check out some of the Monocle editors posing for J.Crew

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Anonymous said...

I am OBSESSED with Monocle!!!!! The BEST magazine in existence- bar none!!
By the way- I've been in the store before, and they only seem to hire beautiful people. I guess it's fitting for the magazine.