Feb 22, 2010

>> sharp as shun

While preparing for a dinner party this weekend I almost amputated my right index finger while washing the new Premier Shun Chef's knife ($150). I initially cursed the knife while losing quarts of A-positive in the kitchen. But once I was bandaged I felt an apology had to be made, look at how pretty that thing is! I hate you, but you're so beautiful. The handle is gorgeous and the blade is stunning, if perhaps extremely lethal. Shuns are handcrafted by expert artisans in Seki City, Japan, hand-hammered with a technique known as tsuchime, and you can trust me, they're razor sharp.


Tapper said...

May I order another bloody scotch? That Oban bottle is now marked and legendary.

Lizzie said...

The blood cuts the spicy notes a little. Happy accidents!