Mar 14, 2010

>> classic pegboard

Our office was feeling a little blah, so Matt came up with the genius idea to put in a giant pegboard. We got a 8' x 4' slab at Anawalt Lumber for $30, painted it, installed a back support (so you can have room between the wall and the pegboard for hooks, etc.), and ta office!


Holly said...

BRAVO! i love this

design traveller said...

Great idea, I'll think of getting one myself!

Susan said...

perfect for a home or work office. very creative!


Jill said...

ooo, I like your pencil cup

connie said...

That's a really excellent idea! :-)

Julia Ferguson said...

Hey Lizzie!

I love this idea so much! I hope you don't mind I included it in a post..and put links to you and your page. I just had to share it!