Apr 20, 2010

>> mister freedom

Behind a barely-marked storefront on a lonely stretch of Beverly Blvd., you'll find one of the most insanely cool clothiers in L.A., Mister Freedom. My friend Nena turned me on to this joint this morning after telling me that Andy Spade scoured the store for J.Crew inspiration as well as the new Mister Freedom for J.Crew line. It's heavy on menswear, especially old Navy duds, work boots, and rancher wear, but there are just amazing things everywhere, including women's clothing and a few things for boys, denim, hats, jackets, bandannas, sunglasses, as well as books, a few motorcycles, and hours of eye candy. Photos aren't allowed, but they graciously made an exception for me as long as I didn't take a detail shots that designers could copy—so believe me, these photos don't do it any justice. 7161 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Speaking of The King of Cool, check who's in the top right corner!


danielle said...

amazing! G would love for sure!
thanks lady!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what was behing that hole in the wall, now I'll definitely go in.

Carlota said...

love the pic of the bike G...! xxn.