Apr 23, 2010

>> one king's lane tastemaker tag sale preview

If you're not yet turned onto the glory of One King's Lane, it's an online home decor discount retailer for members only (membership is free). The discounts are often enormous and the brands are typically high-end. In other words, go there now. Every Saturday they've been featuring Tastemaker Tag Sales, a selection curated by an well-known interior designer. Tomorrow it's Windsor Smith, and above is a preview of what's going to be hitting the site at 11am EDT! Pieces sell out quickly, so if you like what you see, don't mess around.

To get a sense of the deep discounts:
Chair: retail price $6,500, OKL price $2,999; print: retail price $279, OKL price $139; pillow: retail price $280, OKL price $139; Georgian Perior: retail price $16,500, OKL price $7,999; Vintage Terra Cotta Planter (price TBD).

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