May 4, 2010

>> down east doormats

The problem: Float-rope, a rope used by lobstermen to tether traps together on the ocean floor, can entangle and kill whales. The solution: The Maine Float-Rope Co. makes doormats ($50) out of them, while providing the Maine lobstermen with money to replace the float-rope with a new silk rope. I love these doormats, and they're completely indestructable, weatherproof, easy to clean and quick drying. They'd be great at a summer house or on a boat. Hand made in Maine!


MSM said...

Go Maine! I love these!

Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

Yay! ADORE these doormats - we have a soft spot for all things Maine in our family, and have bought probably a dozen of the mats over the past few years for ourselves and as gifts. They do last forever, so make sure you pick colors you love.

Lizzie said...

Also available at my friend's eco general store!