Aug 30, 2010

>> mister bailey

Mr. Bailey was the emergency contact for me in 1st grade and once when I was "sick", he got me out of school and let me have chocolate ice cream and play Nintendo. Since that day my loyalty has never faltered. We even have a secret handshake, still implemented to this day. Great laugh, great guy, great style (and he has an even more stylish wife, of course!).

Winston's War: Churchill, 1940-1945 ($24); Hermes silk twill tie ($170); Vintage Persols circa 1980s ($199); Needlepoint Retriever key fob ($45); Belgian shoes ($350); Cartier Tank Francaise; Oliver Peoples tortoise glasses (prices vary); Dunhill cigars ($228 for box).


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Love it! Great post...wish Mr. Bailey could see it!

Zinzi said...

key fob, call me!

Lars from Get Good Grades said...

They're pretty cool - I like them! ;-)