Aug 23, 2010

>> the spoils of etsy

I was scrolling through Etsy last weekend and found a few stand-out pieces that I don't now how I can live without. Also check out my friend Zinzi's article The Coolest Cali Etsy Shops To Bookmark Now on Refinery 29.

Kodak Brownie 8mm camera ($40); 1980s clear sparkled telephone (just sold!); Mid-Century plywood school chair ($80); Mid-Century magazine rack ($38); metal industrial drawer ($17); 1960s lucite bar ($260).


Sharon @ Real Estate Resuscitation said...

I had a telephone like that in college!!! Eventually, the ringer quit working so you had to be looking at the phone to see it light up to know if someone was calling.

My Daily Inspiration Board said...

i had a telephone similar to that too! mine had primary color wiring inside.