Sep 9, 2010

>> back to school

I kind of always loved the Fall and the beginning of school.

Republic Aristotle CRMO bike ($459); Needlepoint monogrammed flask ($100); Blucher Mocs ($69); Kent State frisbee ($12); Waxed canvas four-piece zip bag set ($145 for 15" laptop case, medium bag, cigarette bag and small); No. 2 pencils by Field Notes ($5 for six pack); Emeco Navy swivel chair ($875); Barbour women's Emily jacket ($299).


Zinzi said...

AGREED. when i first started at my school we were required to wear topsidery/mocassins similar to those (or bass weejuns), but we would tie up the laces to look like little bees nests. still a highly recommended alteration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzy,
Just wandered onto your blog; I live in Libertyville, IL so it's fun to read your posts about Lake Forest. Funny, you look sort of familiar, but I think I must be imagining it! Anyway, I have a question for you if you don't mind me asking; what program do you use to create the round ups page? I'd love to learn how to do that. Thanks,
Mary Frances

Lizzie said...

Hi Mary! I use Pages which is the word processing software for Macs. L