Sep 27, 2010

>> der neue zollhof

I've been doing a ton of Frank Gehry research recently for a story I'm working on and randomly just came across this photo I snapped five years ago in Düsseldorf. It's the Der Neue Zollhof, a group of Gehry designed buildings situated at the Eastern edge of the Rhine River harbor. I remember arriving in Düsseldorf and expecting it to be the German equivalent of Delaware—and then seeing these beauts and rethinking the 'Dorf completely. Next on my Gehry list would definitely be The Guggenheim in Bilbao. Anyone have any other favorite FOG buildings?

P.S. Hilarious side note: Frank Gehry's first cousin introduced my in-laws. We were all talking last night and I realized I was the only one in the room who hadn't met The Starchitect.


Poppy K said...

Hey! On my desk I have a picture of my husband standing in fromt of that very building!

Lizzie said...