Oct 9, 2010

>> current obsession: crafting community

I know I'm not the key demographic for this as I am neither a child nor a mother, but, I'm totally and completely obsessed with Crafting Community, a weekend of hip arty and good old fashioned family fun hosted by Kimmel Kids and Kid Concierge. This time (and don't worry they happen throughout the year) 75 families headed for The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for fun events, pool time, and plenty of activities to keep the little ones (and big ones) muy occupado.

Splendid, the weekend's main sponsor, set up a pop-up shop at the hotel where kids (and...ahem, grown-ups) could design their own scarves! You pick four fabrics, staple them to a sheet and the seamstress gets cracking on it. I'm wearing mine right now.

The schedule of activities and classes is massive and includes DJ-ing 101, spin art on old LPs, fort building classes (OMG!), Skate-Or-Dioramas, underwater photography, garland making, succulent assembly, friendship bracelet classes and good old macrame.

This is literally too cool for school. For more info: click here!

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