Nov 9, 2010

>> i'm...batman

Last night Matt and I watched the 1966 Batman movie. Why not? I had seen it approximately a hundred times before, but it was even better and more hilarious than I ever remembered, and the Bat Cave was just as incredible. Incidentally, I begged my mom for a Bat Cave-themed birthday when I was six based entirely on my love for the cave from the Batman movie. I ended up with a Space theme though; my mom (appropriately) worried that 1960's Bat Cave was a little "too niche" for the rest of the kids, and who knows, it could have been challenging to source Bat Cave decor in Switzerland in the late 1980s. I totally got over my Bat Cave obsession though, that's why it's a complete coincidence that I live just a few blocks from where the exterior of the Bat Cave was filmed in the movie. Complete coincidence.

I would typically post a photo of the cave, but no photo I found does it justice. Instead, Adam West taking a break from filming.

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