Jan 7, 2011

>> tedde bears

I'm kind of into these weirdo "tedde" bears by illustrator Daniel Birch, especially the city collection shown above (NY, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Vegas, DC). About a dozen of the L.A. bears were hanging out at the Paul Smith store on Melrose and they are really funny looking, but I seriously debated putting one on our couch (maybe it wouldn't go so well with our David Hicks pillows, but...). They run from $11 for the teeny versions to $60 for the couch/bed size which you can get here, or you can pay $75 at Paul Smith, up to you.

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CarolineD said...

I am a Belgian designer and I will visit L.A. in April. I discovered your blog this morning and I can't stop watching it!

Thanks for all this beautiful things!