Oct 19, 2006

Missoni Throws

The Santa Ana winds are starting to blow in Los Angeles, it's getting darker earlier, Angelenos find themselves watching football on the weekends instead of going to the beach, yes, "Autumn" has arrived (even if it's still 80 degrees outside). Many of us transplants wish for colder weather and long for past residences in the Midwest, East Coast, and San Francisco where leaves are turning and frosts are forming. I think it's ok to pretend it really is Fall by making some chili and wrapping myself in something cozy, like these beautiful new throws by MISSONI. The above Francesco throws are $198.00 at one of my favorite New York design stores, AUTO. And in the end, I find even more comfort in the fact that I don't live in Buffalo.

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Sepideh said...

These are gorgeous and they look so cozy. Great find, Lizzie!