Oct 19, 2006

Cut A Rug

I didn't realize how important rugs can be to a room until I actually put one in my living room. Great rugs, though, are really hard to find. That's why THE RUG COMPANY is on my personal list of top ten British Invasions (Rod Stewart is in the top 3). Their rugs are so cool and they have fashion designers like Lulu Guiness, PAUL SMITH, and DIANE von FURSTENBERG designing some great rugs for them. Matt is partial to the Paul Smith stripes, but I love the above "Durbar Hall" rug by Designers Guild.

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Alexis said...

I agree, rugs are so important- both the visual presence and the tactile feel of an appropriate rug under your feet in the right space (ex getting out of bed in the morning and stepping onto a nice warm wool lawn instead of cold stone- does not apply to california). Have you checked out NaniMarquina? Amazing spanish textile/product designer with beautiful rugs. http://www.nanimarquina.com/dev/#