Oct 19, 2006

Steel Casey

If you live in L.A. you sometimes need a reason to go to The Valley, STEEL CASEY is one of them. They comb through old closed-down office buildings in search of old Steel Case furniture, then they paint it great colors for a retro modern feel. I have a teel-colored file cabinet at home, but what I really have my eye on is one of the above desks. Other companies like SONRISA and Twenty Guage (which you can get at H.D. BUTTERCUP) are using the same concept, but I like Steel Casey because you can have your item painted any color you want.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple vintage metal bookcases from Steel Casey which look amazing. I picked a metallic green color for both of them, although they also gave me the option to paint them bubblegum PINK! That color didn't seem to match my brushed metal tanker. Casey delivered them and was extremely cool to deal with.

Casey said...

THANK YOU!! After 15 years the storefront is CLOSING: SUNDAY JUNE 21st, 2009. Thank you friends. Please stop by for a final hug and some quite interesting props, art and furniture.