Nov 16, 2006

A+R is online: My life is now complete.

I first met* Rose (The R of the A+R equation) when she was the West Coast Bureau Chief of Womens Wear Daily and I was a lowly intern at W transcribing interview tapes in a cubicle that was the size of my handbag. Since those dark days she and Andy Griffith, (The A of the equation), opened one of L.A.'s coolest design stores (even their logo is so cool), A+R. Today they launched the online store and I couldn't be happier. This is great news for DESIGNwatcher readers from New York and the rest of the globe, and to be honest, for myself—because this makes holiday shopping a whole lot easier. I couldn't decide what product to feature, so I picked six. The above are starting top-left: Chris Stiles's "Dry Bones" Salt and Pepper shakers, $24; Rablab's Colored Agate Coaster Set, $50; Andreas Linzner's Terry Cloth Elephant, $60; La Tete Au Cube's Tank U Bud Vase in gold, $240; Tarmoset's Leather and Birch Flyswatter, $25; Vice Versa's Voodoo Knife Holder, $95. Go to their website, NOW!

*When I say "met" I mean: Rose was the only person in the office who smiled at me—all other editors just scolded me in a British accent for making eye contact with them.

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