Nov 17, 2006

Task Masters

My home office, which in a few weeks will just be my office-office, is starting to concern me. The chair that I have now is a fiberglass arm chair (Eames replica) that I got from Modernica. It's great looking and it is comfortable...but only for an hour or so. Laura from the PR company Peppercom reminded me of this fact when she sent along new updates from Steelcase. Thanks, Laura! I thought about my top three wishes for luxury ergonomic office chairs and I came up with the above (from left to right): The Think Chair from Steelcase: it's clean-looking, environmentally friendly, and you can choose 12 color options to match your office ($699). The Eames Aluminum Management Chair-Spinneybeck: it's retro, it's modern, it's really pricey. Get it at DWR ($1,998). Last but not least, The iconic Aeron Chair: Designed in 1994, this chair serves as the symbol of the dot com boom, any venture capitalist who was anyone had one of these. My tycoon brother actually got this chair, around the time it was designed (he was 14 years old and making $75 an hour for tutoring trophy wives on how to use CD ROM, ahh the 90s...). Get it at DWR, ($899).

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Anonymous said...

I have a similar Eames chair and it is SUPER comfy. Got it for $200 at Mr. Office on San Fernando Blvd. That place sells old used furniture but sometimes you can really score. -Grace