Nov 18, 2006


Penguin Classics is celebrating their 60th anniversary in style with redesigned covers of some of their most iconic books. Several top-notch designers worked on some of the classics—most notably: Manolo Blahnik redesigned the cover for Madame Bovary, Sam Taylor Wood redesigned F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night and Paul Smith designed Lady Chatterley's Lover. The cover I especially like, however, is Fuel's take on Crime and Punishement. The design firm that works with brands like Adidas and Mazda really brought a Dostoyevsky novel into the 21st century with the above mod/brown-paper bag motif, it's part of a limited edition of 1000. Sure, reading this might put you in the mood to wander through the slums of St. Petersburg and commit random murder—but look how cool it will look on your book shelf! Get 'em while they're hot here and here.


Anonymous said...

lizzie, just discovered your blog (by accident). really like it. nice stuff you put up.

i'm also thinking of buying a new chair for me at home. i work at an office furniture manufacturer. and we also sell some of the design chairs....but i can't decide which one and most of them are really expensive...

anyways...looking forwared to the next design stuff you're going to post.

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