Nov 11, 2006

DIY movie poster

My neighbor Lisa has the coolest poster of a samuri matted on foam in her apartment. I recently asked her the back story on it. In the sixties, her mom had a poster made of actor, ToshirĂ´ Mifune, from the 1961 film, Yojimbo as a present to her dad. Years later, she and her brother fought over the piece. She'd have it for five years then he'd take it and so on and so on. Lisa, a photographer, decided they both could have one. She took a picture of the poster with a large format camera, scanned the film, and had a printer blow it up to 68" x 36". It looks exactly like the original, only newer. The only thing to watch out for when you're doing this kind of thing is copyright infringements.

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Anonymous said...

Kinko's will do this for you, too! Even easier!