Nov 10, 2006

The French 29

I live in a great Spanish building off of Melrose called "Villa del Fuente." It was built by famous filmmaker, Cecil B. Demille in 1929. The residents often gather in the courtyard around dusk and drink wine. This summer a few of us got hooked on a Campari and white wine drink called "The Bicicletta". The other day I was walking around Maison Midi, a great French homestore on La Brea, looking at their French imports, and it occured to me—maybe we should start drinking Pastis after work.

I rushed out to my favorite wine store, Mel & Rose, and bought some Pastis and a black cherry soda. A few trial and errors later I had a delicious drink, which I am calling, in honor of the building, "The French 29". Serve it in a highball glass.

The French 29

1 ounce Ricard Pastis
5 ounces water
a splash of black cherry soda

Fill a highball with ice, pour Pastis over, then pour in water and stir. It will turn a milky color. Pour in some black cherry soda until it turns a light rouge and serve.

Happy Friday everyone!

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