Nov 8, 2006

The Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

In honor of the the mid-term elections, this post will be as political as a design blog can be. Jackie Kennedy certainly was the most design-forward resident of The White House of the 20th Century, in fact she even comissioned French industrial designer, Raymond Loewy, to compose the exterior of Air Force One—(how else would it be flying with Tiffany blue accents?). She completely rennovated the interior of The White House and became known as an icon of style. In 1996, a few years after her death, her children auctioned off a large portion of her estate through Sotheby's. My mom bought the auction catalog, and I remember it being one of the first things I looked through that made me aware of design. It is really quite a book with it's warm creamy exterior and historic and fascinating content. One of my favorite items auctioned off was her silver tape-measure with "JBK" engraved on each side. There are still some copies floating around on the internet, check Amazon and ebay to get your hands on one.

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