Nov 7, 2006

The Woodycrest House Design Project

DOMINO MAGAZINE has teamed up with eight top interior designers, including my friend's friend Ruthie Sommers (the other seven are: Sara Bengur, Celerie Kemble, Katie Lydon, Thomas O’Brien, The Apartment, David Netto, and Timothy Whealon) to furnish an eight-story, 40-unit structure, called Woodycrest House located in the South Bronx for families affected by HIV. It's so nice to see a magazine utilizing their power to do good. I love the quote by one of the new residents of Woodycrest House from the New York Times that says, "It's so perfect, it's like something on Fifth Avenue...wait make that Chelsea."

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Anonymous said...

I checked out the Domino website, and I was floored. The decorations are beautiful, and I can honestly say that while I knew every nook and cranny of that Building when I lived there when it was a home (1960's) I could find one area that I was familiar with.