Jan 30, 2007

Message Bean

I've read all I can find about these Message Beans and still I can't figure out how they work, but it seems...totally awesome. It's sort of like the greeting card that keeps on giving, here's what happens: The people at Style Meets People take an ordinary bean, then ever-so-carefully laser etch it in such a way that when the bean germinates and sprouts into a small plant the bean itself is imprinted with ‘happy birthday’, ‘thank you’, 'love' or 'good luck'. All you do is add water and in a few weeks you've got a magic bean. You can pick one up at Unica Home for $13.


Another Shade of Grey said...

That is incredibly clever. I'd love to see one in person. It's hard to believe they can actually do that.

My Marrakech said...

That is absolutely amazing!