Jan 9, 2007

Spencer Peterman

As it becomes a more and more likely possibility that I *might* be moving to Chicago this summer, I've been checking out design stores all over the city to ease myself into the reality of this *possible* venture. It being 90 degrees here in L.A. with not a cloud in the sky in the middle of January isn't helping things, but the Chicago store Stitch on North Damen certainly is. They have so many interesting products, including some Helene Ige pillows, but I wanted to post about Spencer Peterman's cherry wood bowls. He carves each bowl from fallen trees then dries them in a kiln; a true American Craftsman living in the 21st century. They're safe for food, but I want to get one and put all my restaurant matchbooks in it. Get it here for $75; appoximately 11" in diameter.

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